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December 12, 2019 Kitchen Ideas

What Are They Made Quartzite Countertops?

Quartzite countertops are one product of stone used in residential and commercial kitchens as well as spare bathroom. The stands are made ​​by mixing and compaction of natural quartz epoxy resins derived from granite, thus creating a waterproof and stain resistant surface. They are shaped and cut into standard sizes and thicknesses, but can be manufactured to custom specifications. The counters have a wide variety of colors, and present a lower cost than 100% natural stones, which reduces maintenance.

quartzite countertops care

quartzite countertops care

Quartzite countertops offer more choices of colors and the same glare as well as other more expensive alternatives such as granite. The plates for countertops are made ​​of quartz crushed quartz and resin, the thickness or roughness of mineral determines its color and appearance. They do not require sealing, unlike granite, and a simple cleaning and polishing leave bright.

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Elements quartz

95% of quartzite countertops are composed of quartz beads, large and small – as the range of different crystals present in a rock salt.

The resin performs the connection

Once the quartz is extracted and a mixture of aggregates is selected, the quartz crystals are combined with a liquid resin and colorants to form slurry.


Quartzite countertops are made ​​of dozens of colors, which are produced from the addition of colorants to quartz and before the compression and curing process of the resin binder, so that the product to obtain a consistent color.

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The slurry is heated and subjected to a vibration process and then poured into molds and compacted under pressure to form a hard solid.

Standard sizing of the piece

As the quartzite pieces are manufactured counter and not drawn, they are available in large blocks, typically measuring 137 cm wide and 309 cm long. Large plates, as well as complex shapes and curvatures are possible.

Care and Maintenance

Quartzite countertops do not require frequent maintenance or polishing besides presenting impermeability to stains, oils and burns that marked permanently materials made ​​of stones porous.

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