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October 30, 2019 Kitchen Ideas

Using Zinc Countertops On The Kitchen

Zinc countertops – The steel plates for the counters of bars and restaurants have used for centuries; but now, many homeowners is using it in their own kitchens as countertops, because the appearance of the steel plate away from the normal and is quite durable. There are three types of steel sheets for countertops: zinc, copper and stainless steel. The latter two are usually more used than zinc, but recently it began to change, since now the zinc plates are being increasingly used because of its unique style and its ability to shape and mold.

zinc countertops chicago

zinc countertops chicago


6 Inspiration Gallery from Using Zinc Countertops On The Kitchen

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Image of: zinc countertops chicago

Step 1

  1. Measure the wall. Calculate how many square meters of sheet of corrugated zinc countertops are needed by multiplying the height of the area you want to cover the width.
  2. Go to a store and choose the style of corrugated zinc. Many different designs are available. You also need to choose a metallic color, usually copper or silver.
  3. Clean the area of ​​the wall where you want the panel. This is important. If your wall is dirty, the adhesive may not adhere well. Normally, warm soapy water works well.
  4. Get all the protective gear, i.e. gloves, apron and mask before you begin working with the zinc countertops, as this may have sharp edges like a razor, and if cut, you can enter sparks in the eyes.
  5. Apply contact cement on the kitchen counter. This cement adheres immediately, which is recommended in wax paper top.
  6. Cut the wax paper and leave it in the top of the contact cement. Place the steel plate on the wax paper in the correct position. Once done, remove the wax paper from under the steel plate.
  7. Hammering the edges of the steel plate down to get the look you want, being careful of sharp edges.
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8. Use steel wool to smooth and polish the zinc countertops. You can polish it by hand, but if you use a machine, be careful with small pieces of metal that are released.

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