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October 24, 2019 Bathroom Ideas

Removing A Cork From A Bathtub Drain Stopper

Bathtub drain stopper – Corks activated by feet in tubs retain water for bathing. Sometimes hair accumulates in the drain and removal of the plug makes it easy to access the clogging without the use of caustic drain cleaners. Many homes include as part of a shower and bath tubs people who never use can remove the stopper, since the retention of water is its only function. Corks push down is among the easiest to remove, because most of them are simply screwed to the drain. It’s a good idea to save the cork, however, since you will need to find another one like it if you decide to replace it.

bathtub drain stopper leaking

bathtub drain stopper leaking

There are two different types of stoppers for pressing and pulling baths. One is a rubber stopper not connected to the drain, and the other is a drain connected to the metal cover. In summary, the removal of both is a quick and simple procedure, and can allow you to clear any drains and thoroughly clean on bathtub drain stopper area.

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  1. Look for the stopper in the drain of your bathtub. If it is a metal, you can try two things to remove it. Some stoppers pressure can be removed from the drain. Pull the knob on the top lid and start unscrews it clockwise like a great piece. If it can be removed in this way, it will be removed within six to seven laps.
  2. Try a different method if the cork comes out with the former. First, the button unscrews the top lid clockwise. Then use your fingers or a screwdriver (if there is a screw on top of the cork) to unscrew it clockwise.
  3. Remove the drain plug completely and set aside. To put it back, just reverse the way you took it, retighten it clockwise until you feel resistance.
  4. Try a different method if the cork pull and push the drain in your bathtub is not metal. If it is a black rubber bathtub drain stopper, is much easier to remove it.
  5. Grasp the top of the button cover. Push it down the drain a bit, and then pull it up until it pops out.
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Removing the cork to compress a drain in the bathtub

  1. Turn the plug counter-clockwise to remove it from the tub. It’s easier to remove it when she and the tub are dry.
  2. Put a cork in a place where you can retrieve it easily.

3. Tell the other residents of the home where the cork, so they can take a bath if they wish. The bathtub drain stopper with replacement of the stopper can take a little time and requires patience since the threads it must be perfectly aligned with the drain receptacle.

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