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December 16, 2019 Kitchen Ideas

Making A IKEA Countertops Wood Look Good

While IKEA countertops wood is generally affordable and fairly easy to maintain, cannot be perfect for your style of decoration and might not be the best way in your home without some adjustments. There are many things you can do to alter IKEA countertops without spending a lot of money, especially if you’re starting with unfinished wood countertops.

ikea countertops diy

ikea countertops diy


6 Inspiration Gallery from Making A IKEA Countertops Wood Look Good

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  1. Use the tincture of natural wood to give the wood unfinished IKEA countertops deeper and allow it to blend in better with other pieces of furniture and appliances in your kitchen. Wood Dyes are best for traditional and transitional styles of decoration, although tinctures light wood such as beech or darker can be used in contemporary design as well.
  2. Paint the unfinished wood countertops with paint semi-gloss or gloss heat resistant. The painting heatproof be needed in the kitchen, and the dishes, pots and pans hot can damage the finish and paint semi-gloss or high gloss is easier to clean with a diluted mixture of soap and water and a sponge clean. IKEA countertops painted work better with more contemporary designs; choose bold and bright or strong and dark colors, but pastels and the colors are not very saturated can work in more traditional environments.
  3. Put decorative fixtures, such as a coffee press designer or an old toaster on the countertop to give the area a more upscale feel. Avoid cluttering the space with too many different accessories in different finishes to prevent this kitchen an impromptu appearance. Alternatively, small decorative items such as vases with fresh or silk flowers high quality can dress your worktops from IKEA.
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4. Place a block of wood or marble decorative butcher at the top of the countertop for cutting and preparing food. The butcher block IKEA countertops will disguise and serve a practical purpose while making cleaning easier after you’ve finished cooking. You can use a butcher block with dyes or paint the countertops for a more personalized style.

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