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December 4, 2019 Home Exterior

Ideas For Decorative Poles And Garage Tiles

Garage tiles – At first glance, appear to serve only the garages to store cars. However, to give decorative touches can transform the place into a space aesthetically pleasing. By specializing in small areas from the site like the posts, you are able to completely increase your appearance without spending far too much.

garage tilesb amazon

garage tilesb amazon


6 Inspiration Gallery from Ideas For Decorative Poles And Garage Tiles

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Image of: garage tilesb amazon

A simple coat of paint on light poles all over the place. Avoid using colors that are too strong to take away the attention from your home. Instead, try earth tones changed, like avocado green, sienna and brown. For a more modern style, using metallic colors like silver or bronze. For a solid feel, paint patterns of stripes, zigzags or chessboard on the posts. You can also paint images with templates on the posts, using designs such as flowers, leaves and patterns of lettuce.


Make decorative tiles for garages posts. Use tiles decorated stone, ceramic or porcelain or marble with floral designs. For an added personal touch, located tiles marked with the initials of your name. To save money, avoid applying tiles around the corner. Instead create a mosaic pattern using a series of decorative in each of the poles of the garage tiles.

Decorative baubles

You screw metal hooks on poles, allowing decorative baubles hanging in the garage. Give a stylish look to place posters hanging tin or wood. You can also create a gothic tone using hanging lanterns for candles, candle holders and lights. Use chandeliers made of materials like brass, stained glass or metal. For safety, use candles to battery.

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Plants and flowers

Use hooks to hang pots poles with colorful flowers including geraniums and petunias. To keep it easy, consider using artificial plants. If the garage is next to fertile soil, try planting something like purple or white wisteria vines.

We invite you to look at our 12 garage tiles in the photo gallery. Bound to find many ideas to adapt to yours.

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