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November 26, 2019 Home Exterior

How To Tell If There Is In Asbestos Ceiling Tiles?

Asbestos ceiling tiles – Asbestos is a mineral fiber that was used in many building products and insulation materials to the 70 its use has been limited after research indicated that people exposed to asbestos and who breathed high levels of fibers were in a high risk of developing lung cancer and other diseases. According to the Environmental Protection Agency US (EPA), the material may still be present in the rough painting roofs in tiles and mastics used before 1977. If you suspect there is Asbestos ceiling tiles in your home, the EPA recommends some steps to minimize exposure.

amosite asbestos ceiling tiles

amosite asbestos ceiling tiles


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  1. If you’re not sure your ceiling contains asbestos or not, pretend you do. Do not work on the ceiling and start a project that can release fibers. Usually, you cannot know if the roof has asbestos naked eye, unless it is labeled. So if you’re not sure, pretend that contains asbestos.
  2. Do not do anything if the roof is in good condition and needs no work or remodeling. According to the EPA, the materials in good condition will not release asbestos ceiling tiles. Check the roof frequently (without touching) for worn or damaged areas, including mildew. Damaged materials may release asbestos fibers.
  3. Limits access to the damaged roof area that you think you may have asbestos. Do not touch, bump or rub, as you could expose the material.
  4. Call or visit the health office environment or region for which you get a list of asbestos professionals working in your neighborhood. Professional inspectors are trained to handle asbestos materials and have state certifications for testing. According to the EPA, if the testing is done incorrectly, for the presence of asbestos ceiling tiles may be more harmful than inaction.
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5. Hire a professional asbestos inspector to safely take a sample of your roof and take it to a lab, where it will be tested with a special microscope to see if it contains asbestos.

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