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November 23, 2019 Bathroom Ideas

How To Install Bathtub Doors

Bathtub doors can help a bathroom to have a chic, elegant look. The curtains are rapidly dirty, moldy and covered in soap suds. Already the doors are easy to find, clean, install and are great. Most of them come in a standard size, and then there are chances that if you take a look at the nearest hardware store, you will find that one in your bathroom. But be sure to measure carefully.

bathtub doors and screens

bathtub doors and screens


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Image of: bathtub doors and screens

How do

  1. Measure the length of the bathtub on which to install the bathtub doors.
  2. Purchase a mounting kit for shower doors that fits the space measured in step 1.
  3. Secure with masking tape, stops on the walls in the correct position. These should rest right at the edge of the tub to the bottom of the rail fits inside.
  4. Measure the distance between the stops, positioning the tape from inside to determine the length that would cut the bottom rail.
  5. Use the saw to cut the bottom rail to length.
  6. Use a metal file to smooth any burrs on the bottom rail you cut in step 5.
  7. Position the bottom rail bathtub doors along the edge of the tub, making sure it is centered relative to the edges. Lay it on the flattest part. The top side should face outwards. Draw with the whiteboard marker, a line along the tub, as a guide to where the trail will be, to put it in a next step.
  8. Use the level to ensure that the stops are in line reta. Certifique that they are touching the edge of the tub. Draw the position of the holes for the screws to the marker.
  9. Use a drill with a tile drill to make the holes in the appropriate size for the bushings which was marked in step 8. Install them.
  10. With the gun, draw two lines of caulk along the edge of each side of the bottom of the bottom rail. Flatten it over the edge of the tub along the mark drawn in step 7. Press down firmly. Use a damp cloth or moistened finger to remove excess caulk on both sides.
  11. Attach the stops on the walls by locking screws into the plugs.
  12. Measure the top stops from one wall to the other to determine the cutting length of the top rail. Use the hacksaw to cut it.
  13. Install the top rail.
  14. Hang the bathtub doors in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  15. Draw a line of caulk around the entire outside of the box, as well as along the inside edge where the bottom and stops come together.
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16. Let the caulk dry for 24 hours before showering.

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