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November 3, 2019 Kitchen Ideas

How To Build Stone Epoxy Countertops

The stone epoxy countertops are a beautiful addition and textured for kitchens and bathrooms, but may be impractical if not constructed well. As the stones differ in size, shape and color, making a countertop with them would result in a rough, uneven surface. However, to cover the surface with layers of clear epoxy you get nature into your home in a more useful way. Furthermore, the epoxy not only binds the stones to the counter, but also provides a clean, flat surface is extremely durable work.

epoxy countertops kitchens

epoxy countertops kitchens


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  1. Prepare the surface for building epoxy countertops with a stone frame. This will be a permanent addition to the counter and should be as high as the counter. Use tables half inch (1.27 cm) and attach them with brads to make the frame.
  2. Pour the two ingredients in separate containers epoxy mixing and blending each ingredient as directed, usually for 2 minutes. Pour the epoxy on the counter and spread it with a trowel to create a thin layer.
  3. Mix equal amount of other epoxy and add some stones. Start with 1 cup of them and add more if needed, mix them in epoxy. You need enough epoxy to cover the stones, but do not add more of the epoxy to cover.
  4. Pour with stones on the top and spread it with a trowel. You must spread the mixture evenly over a small portion of the surface and keep the height under the frame.
  5. Some epoxy countertops mixture with other stones and spread it in the same way. Repeat until the surface is covered.
  6. Another quantity of epoxy mixture (in the same way as before), and place it on the countertop. Spread the epoxy with the trowel to create a flat surface.
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7. Continue adding layers of epoxy countertops until the height is flush with the frame. Allow time enough between each coat to dry.

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