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August 9, 2019 Modern Dining Room

Ergonomic Office Chair

Why choosing an ergonomic office chair? Sitting position for long-term work is recommended. Maintaining a standing position for long periods it is associated with painful discomfort of the back and lower extremities.

Ergonomic Office Chair 2

Ergonomic Office Chair 2

For long-term tasks are recommended support for the back, arm and foot. Efforts will be general body posture is active but without excessive stress.

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Thighs should be parallel to the ground, avoiding excessive pressure on the back of these. Feet should rest in a relaxed on the floor, forming a right angle between the leg and the ground and ready to fall directly under the knees.

As if the cushion ergonomic chair When you sit in an ergonomic office chair, the cushion should be wider than your hips and legs. It is recommended that the cushion has an excess 2-3 centimeters on each side. A long cushion should be avoided, as it could squeeze under his knees and eventually produce alterations in blood circulation in your feet and legs.

A very long cushion can make it impossible to properly support your back against the back of the chair. Most appropriately designed chairs have a downward curve at the front of the cushion, which prevents pressing the part below the knees.

A good chair should have a cushion so molded to fit your figure to facilitate an even distribution of body weight. Adjusting the height of the chair It is recommended that count ergonomic chair with a pneumatic (gas) or mechanical (a spring) system whereby once you are seated, you can adjust the height of the cushion.

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Height adjustment range of the saddle The height adjustment of the ergonomic office chair should vary in a range that allow your knees are level, with thighs horizontal, while her feet rest firmly and comfortably on the floor. The height adjustment mechanism should be easy to reach and adjust while the user is sitting.

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