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November 2, 2019 Home Exterior

Caring For Limestone Countertops

Deep shadows and random patterns of fossil granite stone limestone add an exquisite touch to bathrooms and kitchens. As a stone naturally softer, however, the stone limestone countertops are vulnerable to etching by acidic foods and household cleaning solutions. The granite stone unsealed limestone is more prone to be recorded than sealed. The marks usually appear as a pale discoloration. Diligently manages a granite stone engraved limestone to restore its appearance.

limestone countertops kitchen

limestone countertops kitchen

Whether it is used for exterior masonry or kitchen countertops and floors of homes, limestone is an attractive and durable stone. This stone is composed mainly of calcite and this makes it highly sensitive to harsh cleaners and acids that can damage the surface. Keep looking pristine limestone with a regular maintenance program.

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Image of: limestone countertops outdoor kitchens
Image of: limestone countertops outdoor kitchens
Image of: limestone countertops kitchen
Image of: limestone countertops dallas
Image of: limestone countertops care


  1. Protect limestone countertops damage from moisture and water penetrating masonry sealer. This is particularly important for external masonry and kitchen countertops. Clean the surface of the limestone with hot water and a few drops of detergent with a neutral pH. Once dry, apply a clear sealer with a brush to paint together. If the surface is rough and rugged, apply sealant to the nooks and crannies. The limestone absorbs the sealant to form a waterproof barrier.
  2. Clean the surfaces of limestone, such as chimneys, often to keep the yellow honey elegant. Use a stiff bristle dipped in warm water with a little detergent. For stubborn dirt and grease, use a cleaning solution of disodium phosphate. You have to wear protective gloves for use when the TSP.
  3. Clean the surfaces of limestone countertops kitchen daily with a soft cloth, warm water and a neutral pH detergent.
  4. It covers the limestone floor mats. This is particularly important in high traffic areas such as entrance halls. Dirty shoes and boots can lead to dirt is strongly rooted in the limestone floor.
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5. Mop limestone floors regularly with clean rayon mop. Dip the mop into hot water with a little detergent and mops in big long lines.

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