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October 28, 2019 Home Exterior

As Put Linoleum Tiles In The Bathroom Wall

The linoleum tiles peel and place are made ​​for floors, but you can cover the walls of a bathroom with them. This one so easy and inexpensive to decorate a wall and you can do in an afternoon. You will need a little preparation, given that usually walls are not as smooth and solid as the floor. Avoid applying these tiles on a wall that has many waves or ridges that cannot straighten. Also avoid the shower area or areas where they receive direct water.

linoleum tiles flooring

linoleum tiles flooring


5 Inspiration Gallery from As Put Linoleum Tiles In The Bathroom Wall

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Image of: linoleum tiles over ceramic tiles
Image of: linoleum tiles on concrete
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Image of: linoleum tiles flooring

Placing linoleum tiles in the bathroom wall.

  1. Start with a clean, flat wall without obstruction or roughness. Remove the plates from electrical outlets and switches. Scrape the surface with a spatula to smooth it out and use the plaster to patch holes or depressions. Then, cover the entire surface lightly with paint latex spray to seal and provide a surface for adhering the linoleum.
  2. With your tape measure, level and pencil wall divided into 4 equal squares, drawing two perpendicular lines, one vertical and one horizontal.
  3. Work of a square at a time; off and the first linoleum tile placed at the intersection of the two lines and extending along the edge. Place the other linoleum tiles in place, taking the example of the first and following the guidelines. Be sure to press firmly and evenly. Placed so as to enter the wall.
  4. For parts of the edge, measuring the size of the part to locate, move the part to a tile and cut with a knife, along the level to achieve a straight line.
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5. For electrical plugs, check the plug position in the upper and lateral part of the space; uses the same extent the linoleum tiles to cut a rectangular opening with the knife and level. (This should be slightly larger than the socket and smaller than the plate itself). For difficult cuts around the facilities, use a sheet of paper, then moves the part to the tile and cut freehand with a razor.

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